08-Jul-2014 Currently working on TMS (Transport Management System), IAlliance for Associations system documentation, sports centre module for SULOM and layout of ECAM website

30-Jun-2014 Completed deployment of IPLUS system at FMB Capital Markets

20-Jun-2014 Deployed MEET website live.

21-Feb-2014 Our new ItechAfrica website went live

17-Feb-2014 Signed a contract with MEET for website development

16-Dec-2013 Signed a contract with Alliance Capital Limited for iPLUS system

19-Apr-2013 Signed a contract with Premier Pest Control for E-mail services

10-Mar-2013 Signed a contract with Sergi-Medilab for E-mail Services

27-Feb-2012 Employers Consultative Association of Malawi (ECAM) Completed

24-Feb-2012 National Women's Lobby Group (NAWOLG) website Completed

13-Dec-2011 Gasman website Completed

11-Dec-2011 Gemta Garage website Completed

01-Nov-2012 Uk Security website Completed

08-Dec-2011 Tea Reaserch Foundation of Central Africa website Completed

21-Feb-2011 Malawi Law Society Website Completed

15-Feb-2011 Bvumbe Private School website Completed

4- Jan-2012 Starting work on Labware Clinical Diagonostics Supplies website

01-May-2011 Malawi Law Society adopt iALLIANCE online member solution

22-Mar-2010 Malawi Stock Exchange goes live with their Online Central Order Book Systemdeveloped by Independent Technologies

21-Jan-2010 Independent Technologies launches online support for your convenience

December-2009 Under the brand we have just completed the website for Citizen's For Justictice in Malawi

November-2009 Independent Technologies Results On Demand an online solution for learners to access their results quickly and securely online

01-Aug-2009 Launch of classified adds and on-line curios purchase

03-Jul-2009 Independent Technologies launches its new website

31-Jul-2009 Web-based iCATALOG lawyer firm software solution

15-Jun-2008 A New website for Malawi Stock Exchange designed by Independent Technologies is launched

01-Aug-2007 Independent Technologies implements IndependentGATEWAY a mobile commerce solution for Stockbrokers Malawi Limited enabling their customers to transact via their mobile phones