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Product BillableHours
Category Web Applications
What Is

This is a web based software solution that enables a law firm to track all their business activities to ensure clients are assisted promptly and there is high information accessibility.

Key Components

* Setup

* Case management

* Document management

* Payment Processing

* Administration

* Access control

* Automated alerts


How Does It Work

* You configure the system to meet your routine as a Law firm.

* You then establish your client accounts, assign lawyers to cases, schedule appointments.

* You can then monitor all payments, cases handled and business activities.


Who Can Use It

* Secretaries can capture client related issues such as minutes, appointments, and documentation.

* Lawyers can update relevant information on cases and verify hours  worked.

* Management can monitor and improve operational efficiency.


Why Use It

* Automation that increases operational efficiency.

* Easy document management.

* Easily track payments and dues.

* Competitive advantage.

* Cost effective.

* Make informed and timely decision.

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